Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jiah Khan


[edit] Personal Life
Born in New York and raised in Chelsea, London, Khan is the daughter of Ali Rizvi Khan, a Muslim Indian American, and Rabiya Amin, a Hindi film actress in the 1980s from Agra and most remembered in Tahir Hussain's Dulha Bikta Hai. Khan has been rumored to be the daughter of Tahir Hussain and therefore related to Aamir Khan, but she dismissed the story as untrue. Khan has two younger sisters. Though born Nafisa, she changed her name to Jiah after Angelina Jolie's movie GIA, citing that it was sexier.
Khan's childhood is characterized by an absent father figure and frequent encounters with poverty. By the time she was 3 months old, Khan's father left his family for another woman. Eventually, her mother moved the family to London, where Amin worked as a party hostess and remarried. The second marriage ended in 1995 and left Khan, her mother, and her sisters penniless, homeless, and with little to no support. Despite her rise to stardom, Khan continues to have an estranged relationship with her father. Her mother is now a writer for television in the UK and BBC.
Khan is trained in opera and plays the piano. She can dance salsa, lambada, samba and Kathak.

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